To listen to Brainrock, all you need is a brain...
... and 64kbps of spare bandwidth.


On your Old-School Computer
Just click here:

This button redirects you to, where you will click the "play" button.  Why do I have to do that?
(By old-school, we mean your desktop or laptop computer.  If you're actually using your Commodore Vic-20, you're on your own).


On your Smartphone or Tablet

The TuneIn Radio app puts Brainrock and thousands of other Internet radio stations at your fingertips.  Spring for the pro version and get no commercials and the ability to rewind.

Follow us on TuneIn here:
We're also on the StreamS Hifi app, which provides the best sound quality possible in Internet radio thanks to its superior codec decoding.

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On something that doesn't look like a computer

Grace Digital makes several Wifi Radios.  They look like old-school radios, but they play a gazillion internet radio stations.



In Your Car

If your car's audio system as an AUX in jack, a USB connection, or Bluetooth, The TuneIn app includes a handy car-mode that makes using it as your car radio much more road-friendly.  

Apple's CarPlay and Google's Android Auto also support the TuneIn app.

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